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we can provide all pneumatic systems
Using our experience in a wide range of pneumatic controls, we will recommend the product best suited to your application and needs
- If price is your most important criteria, we can supply product that provides the most cost- effective solution
- If product availability or serviceability is your most important criteria, we can supply product that suits these requirements as well
- We can supply Mechanical/manual valves and accessories - Pneumatic and solenoid valves - Air services - Cylinders - Manipulation - Sensors - Angel seat valves - Flange valves - Three ways valves - Hard chrome pipes and chemises - Vacuum equipments - Actuator - Fittings - Tube and hoses - Pumps - Specification, auditing and design of new or upgraded systems - Trouble shooting and root cause analysis - Pump, motor, valving, cylinder and hose repairs and servicing - Cylinder manufacture - Testing, commissioning and certification of high tonnage equipment - High tonnage lifting - Bridging weighing - Centre of gravity analysis - Ball path repairs on drag-lines and dredgers
- Listed below are the major brands we use and deal with. If you would like to discuss a brand’s particular products or any technical aspects, please contact us. We have worked with these brands for many years. They all have an extensive range, competitive pricing and an excellent record of reliability and longevity.
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